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Subject: Welcome to store
Dear Mr. Smith,
We wish to welcome you to store.
In order to express our deeply appreciation for your support, you will receive a coupon of 1-dallor only by registering as a member during 2015.05.01-2015.06.01. The coupon can be used as cash. Please check your coupon in your mailbox.
Purchases over 150 dollars code:2010020
Purchases over 200 dollars code:2010040
Purchases over 500 dollars code:2010060
You can only choose one of the two couponsWith your account, you can now take part in the various services we have to offer you. Some of these services include:
  • Permanent Cart - Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.
  • Address Book - We can now deliver your products to another address other than yours! This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves.
  • Order History - View your history of purchases that you have made with us.
  • Products Reviews - Share your opinions on products with our other customers.
  • For help with any of our online services, please email the store-owner:
    Store Owner

    Discount coupon could be presented as a gift to your friends on special occasion for the purchase of items at the centre. This would allow your friend the liberty of stocking up with goods in their area of interest.
    Use the coupon code when checking out. Contact us if you need this coupon to set your friend along this path of growth.

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